est. 200X october 17th by my parents

hi! i'm quinn antonio. you can just call me quinn. ⛄︎

i'm the guy who owns this website & updates it! i'm also a student who lives in northern california and draws a lot! another one of my big passion projects aside from this website would have to be my webcomic, "bunny, bunny"! it is definitely updated more frequently than this site is. lol.

I don't really have a lot to say about myself except for that I really like building this website, drawing & comic-making, writing, reading, spending time outside in nature, veterinary science, my friends & girlfriend, fiber arts, 90s shoujo anime & manga, old movies, and 1900s U.S & Latinoamérican history. all these interests & things are pretty important to me and I hope you have some fun interests & things important to you in your life as well!

thank you for reading!