a replica

wynnie, kneve, and john.

skeleton friend

wanted to do a full-body drawing of deinira/bambi so here...

the grim reaper's animal-reaping wife... deinira reaper/bambi reznik! shes a new oc i've been working on a little :)

wynie's best attempt at """cool""" flapper fashion of the 20s with what she can afford. she doesnt know the bootleg places kneve shops at.

some of wynnie's outfits

wave of mutilation

her clothing is pretty frilly for everyday-wear, but i wanted to give her kind of a princess-silhouette.

my yt picture

headshot of kneve in kind of a jc leyendecker-inspired style :)

lipsync practice pt 2

lipsync practice pt 1

kneve story

my fursona

guardian angel

american girl

pediatric ward

i dont know who it is i'm praying to anymore

human wynnie

wynnie icon

kneve icon