known as :
wynnie , wynnifred, freddie.
family name :
pronouns :
she/it/they .
age :
23 .
profession :
toy store employee.

transfem, (soft)butch lesbian. autistic + schizospec.

a young woman, aged 23, who likes to spend a lot of her free time learning about horses and drawing various heart inspired drawings. this particular young woman lives in an apartment with her younger brother, gyddie. the two enjoy eachothers company, and ever since they got in touch with eachother at 15, they've been friends since. the two didnt grow up together though, as they both lived in various foster homes until the age of 18, as neither of their parents were present during their childhood, with wynnie and the twos eldest sister, oyl, remembering the best of their biological mother, antonia, and gyddie barely remembering anything about her at all, as he was only 3 when she left the three siblings. during the course of her story, she seeks help from kneve, a wacky detective. however, the two end up becoming good friends, and eventually girlfriends. will add more when i feel like it LOL. silly girllll

relationship chart :

altman - friend .
kneve - girlfriend, best friend .
gyddie - best friend , brother .
oyl - friend , sis .
alonso - friend .
antonia roswell - it's complicated , biological mother.
vans - also pretty complicated , enemy? , biological parent
babs - friend .