im typing this on may 13th (FRIDAY THE 13TH !!! JASON DAY!!!) but since i dont remember last nights dream im just gonna do may 12th's dream . so there isnt a ton to it i guess. i have a teddy bear irl (his name is teddy. i named him when i was like 5 cut me some slack ok.) that i take places a lot, its my favorite plush and probably one of my most personally valuable items. but anyways in the dream i had a second teddy and it was WEIRD . it was a creep & a weirdo (like creep by radiohead) and had big red eyes and a weirder mouth than my teddy . it kinda looked like radar from mash's teddy bear but if it was bigger and weird & strange & Fucked up. idk it was weird . anyways there was another part of the dream i think? where i was in like . a very dangerous clubhouse that over looked gotham city from batman . i dont know why its gotham city it just made sense to my brain to make it gotham city . anyways i sat in there a bit. a wolf plush i had was also with me (his name is peachfuzz) along with the weird fucked up teddy i had . the clubhouse was also red and clearly delipidated . ANYWAYS idk how the dream ended so thats all for now i guess .


ok so i havent updated this in . 2 months . but thats ok . so last night . i think i had a very very fuzzy dream that had to do with a public bathroom , kool aid , & a weird little guy . other than those details i can not rememeber what the dream was about . so ya . anyways ^_^ i will try 2 update this more often . bcause its fun .


a few nights ago i had a dream where my father was getting. like. stabbed by someone?? or they were just brandishing a knife at him. but i dont rememebr anything about it other than that. so that was interesting. it mightve been a pov dream but its a little fuzzy.


this one is short but basically i was in my room and i was like "i need money for videogames", and then i realized i had money on my desk. so i grabbed it and melted it into this teal aura glowy thing which was apparently what you buy videogames with in my dream


i had a dream where i was like? the main character from hollow knight, but then i turned into a clown i think? it was very weird. there was also this anarchist bug guy i met at a strip club im pretty sure and we became friends i think. also this mean bug lady was trying to catch me, i think i was a criminal of sorts. at one point i was in this office/gift shop (??) that was also in a castle type thing that was surrounded by this cool forest/jungle. it had a lot of palm leaves im pretty sure. other than that i dont remember much but it was pretty fun.