Hello! Thanks for taking a look at this site! This is the text-box where I'm supposed to tell you why it exists, and I will! Quite frankly, being an artist on social media can kind of suck. I don't really like being on public social media much anymore, and while having this site is a form of that, having a neocities page to show my art and writing for people who wish to view it definitely feels a world away from whatever tumblr or instagram has to offer for the same thing.

The purpose of this site is simply so I can share what I love to do in my free time when I'm not studying or practicing dancing or doing other various teen activities, which is drawing and writing, as well as coding as it turns out! This site is basically just a way for me to have a nice consolidated place with all my creative works (Aside from my webcomic, that is. Which you can check on on the link to the left of this box!) that isn't a tumblr blog of instagram page, or something, since I don't like the competetive-ness and the feeling of needing to constantly post and be chronically online to be succsesful and have people look at your work that those sites foster.

Anyways, thanks for reading all of this, and thanks for taking a look at my site. Have a good day/night! :)