my mission statement:

This website functions as one of the most clear translations of my brain to date, it functions as a transmission of who I am to someone (like the person reading this, for example.) not just through what I write on here but also visually. What the site looks like at any given time reflects my artistic inspirations and aesthetic direction (If anyone would care to know about any of that junk, this is where they would look!), and as an autistic person, true self expression in real life is often hard for me to do, and i've only now begun to figure that out! But with a personal website that I can customize to virtually the fullest extent, I'm able to express what I can't in my day to day life.
However, on the modern web, creating a space that is really true to yourself can very difficult. With Web 2.0 removing many customization features from social media platforms, and with Web 3.0 introducing us to scams like nfts, the internet has become more hostile to artists and other forms of creatives. I don’t like the changes happening to the internet, and it’s hard for someone like me to stop all of these changes from taking place, but creating my own personal website gives me more freedom to describe, visually & textually, who I am to those that wish to know for one reason or another, or for those who just want to look at something i made and nothing more. This site is one of my passion projects that also serves as a directory for my various other art projects. It’s something that I made and that I have fun with! Even if I’m still pretty amateurish at html, i'm proud of what ive made over the last 2-ish years, and I enjoy working on my website when I can.

If you feel somewhat inclined to do so and have some time on your hands, I definitely recommend making, and planning out a website of your very own. It’s a fun process, and can be pretty therapeutic (most of the time, anyways.). :)