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internet this is.... my personal website. it has a lot of my art and stuff on it!!! very artistcore drawerpilled if you ask me.

I hope you enjoy your stay at...... https://g0reh0und.neocities.org/ ! we (i) have many things to offer but a lot of it is runoff from my brain!!! so enjoy my brain liquid i splattered all over this place. im also the former webmaster of https://fuzzyman.neocities.org/ which i kept up for personal archival reasons. have funnn

my neocities mission statement, aka why this site exists:

this website functions as one of the most clear translations of my brain on the internet to date, besides like, my scratch account from when i was 8. it functions as a translation of my personality and being not just through what i write on here but also visually. what the site looks like at any given time reflects my artistic inspirations and direction. if anyone would care to know about any of that, this is where they would look. on the modern web, creating a space that is so incredibly personal and true to yourself as a handcrafted web page can be very difficult. with web 2.0 removing many customization features from social media platforms, and with web 3.0 on the horizon introducing us to nfts and the like, the internet has become less personalized than it was even 5 years ago, and more hostile to artists with this as well. i dont like the changes happening to the internet, and its hard for someone like me to stop it, but creating my own personal website gives me more freedom to use whatever fonts and colors i could possibly want, and i like doing that. since those things reflect who i really am and what i like visually, and for me at least, describing who i am to people is a big struggle. having a website i can customize to the ends of the earth helps with this, especially since i get to choose each and every aspect, no matter how small, of what my website looks like with little to no restriction.
EST. 2022 ♡