the very beginning of the story summary

(as first seen on the famous celestina's comet oc tumblrblog)

loretta celestina is a shapeshifting alien lifeform that doesn’t actually know shes an alien for a year or so after forming on earth. she was brought here as what appeared to be a normal asteroid hurling towards earth at the time, but when her body made contact with earth’s surface, she began to form into a anthropomorphic feline that appeared 15-17ish earth years of age. basically she gets thrown onto earth and then becomes a teenager immediately. scary stuff.

and then hijinks ensue. she meets a nice lady (brewster) in a drug store late at night getting groceries (who doesnt murder her luckily) and takes her home and gives her a bath, as well as something to eat and some clean clothes, since she looks so young and also pretty scared. brewster is also an astronomer and aspiring rocket scientist (#women in stem) and was very fascinated by the comet last night. now she’s hanging out with that comet. cool stuff.

and then loretta just sort of sticks around for a while. she learns english and a bit of spanish from watching television and reading the books brewster leaves out, and is basically adopted by brewster since she couldn’t find connect any parents or next of kin to loretta. brewster doesnt mind this arrangement though, since she can’t have biological kids herself, due to her being transgender and also having a blood disorder that, even if she did have a uterus, would make a pregnancy very high risk.

she is still curious about what this girl’s whole deal is, though.