hello hiiiiii hai this is my website. im gonna talk about why its here now ok . ok enjoy here. sooo im a big fan of web 1.0 and have been for a couple of years now!!!!!! yay!!! and on top of that, ive also been a big fan of coding & computers since elementary school!!!! yay!! so of course, one day in 2021-ish (maybe. it mightve been 2020 i DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!) when i saw an artist i liked a ton had a neocities site, i made one of my own. my old website goes under the name "fuzzyman.neocities.org". its not very good and the website name is a lemon demon reference so. it definitly represents 2020-2021 quinn (ME!!! thats my name) which isnt always a good thing but like . im still me i didnt morph into a new person so its fine i guess . anyways im getting offtrack . but anyways uhm . etc etc firefox 1 chrome 0 (i am typing this on a chromebook) web 2.0/3.0 more like NO BITCHES. etc . u get the idea . of what i am talking about maybe. uhm anyways im not making a lot of sense so ill just describe what my website is. its basically just a place where i store all my shit!!!!! like my funny brain sitcom characters (original characters) and SPECIAL INTERESTS.... AND HYPERFIXATIONS OGHHHGHHGGH SOOOOOO AWESOME. and my art & vidbeos i make adn thoughts i have . etc . so if you like Quinn Antonio "The Killer" "Autism" "INSANE" lastnamepending (aka ME AGAIN!!!!!) YOU WILL LIKE THIS WEBSITE! AWOOGAAA! ok bye .

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